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    In this product link, only the blue shell oximeter is a rechargeable smart app oximeter. Other versions are battery-based ordinary oximeters. Please pay attention to selection when purchasing. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service Personnel to make contact.

    YK-82PRO(YK-82L Signage display on the machine)–2021 new smart oximeter!!! Bluetooth app one-key link, rechargeable, PR/SPO2/PI multi-parameter monitoring

    The following is the operation video of the blue smart oximeter.

    Actual use error <1%

    The fourth generation of optical frequency digital conversion technology to ensure measurement accuracy

    Charging + APP Smart Oximeter

    Can be recharged and used to avoid battery replacement, connect to APP to view real-time data and share health data

    Compare professional equipment

    In the long-term continuous measurement and comparison, Yongrow’s oximeter always showed the same results, with an error value of <1%_

    Type-c interface, rechargeable

    If it is tested for a long time, it can save more than 50 batteries per year

    App interface display

    You can download Yonkercare and master your health index in real time through the Bluetooth link device of your mobile phone.
    Tip: You can contact the store customer service to download the software.

    Please note:

    At present, the software is adapted to most countries, and some countries may be incompatible or unable to link. If you are concerned about this problem, please choose the normal version -82C oximeter to purchase. If you have any questions, you can first Contact customer service and we will do our best to solve the problem for you.

    Yongrow Digital Fingertip Plus Oximeter – Blood Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Monitor w/ OLED Display – LFC Plus Technology

    Keep regular tabs on your and your family’s health with Oximeter Blood Fingertip Plus

    Product Description

    *1.Eliminate the unnecessary hospital visits and ensure that your family is always safe with the Yongrow oximeter. It supports real-time pulse monitoring and contains an adaptable dual silicone finger mold with non-slip wires to maximize comfort.

    *2.Yongrow Pulse Oximeter has a 1-button measurement system, customizable PR and SPO2 alarm systems with sound and screen flashing reminders, HD OLED display, and red infrared light. It can be used to take measurement even outdoors in a brighter environment as the screen blocks outside light interference.

    *3.Compared to the professional medical monitors and other contemporaries, the fingertip Oximeter produces results with 98% accuracy rate and minimal numerical errors. The reading results generates quickly taking a maximum of 5-8 seconds which reduce the examination time by a huge margin.

    *4.Fourth generation LFC optical frequency digital conversion technology of the blood oxygen meter helps in getting an accurate reading even in case of movements, exercise, or weak perfusion. The fourth generation LFC technology of Yongrow finger pulse oximeter brings a substantial improvement in the accuracy of the reading and data acquisition, making the Yongrow oximeter an ideal home-use medical device.

    *5.The household digital fingertip oximeter has obtained China CFDA certification and EU CE certification. It is completely in-line with the professional-grade medical pulse monitors. It displays four different vital health indicators on the screen. The pulse intensity oximeter is completely safe to be used at home to get accurate pulse readings.

    YK-82C NEW finger pulse oximeter

    NEW tec more accurate

    Full function oximeter

    Meet daily blood oxygen + pulse measurement

    Outstanding Use Time

    Ability to work continuously for a long time to meet daily use and real-time monitoring needs

    LFC PLUS technology

    improve the measurement accuracy in the case of exercise and weak perfusion

    Reduce light interference

    Ambient light is an important factor affecting blood oxygen measurement. Reducing ambient light is equivalent to improving accuracy.

    Product Accessries

    In the power-on state, click the power button for more than 2 seconds to enter the menu mode

    Click to select the function option. After selecting the function option you want to set, click 2 seconds to change the on/off state.

    You can set the alarm sound, prompt sound, and screen brightness according to your needs

    Product information

    In-depth understanding of products, good products are not afraid of comparison

    Wireless fingertip pulse oximeter By Yongrow

    Features and specifications:

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    Key features:
    • Precise measurement, comfortable use
    • Support real-time monitoring
    • Alarm function can be set

    YK-80 fingertip pulse oximeter

    Use this oximeter to check and help keep your family healthy

    Beautiful shape, perfect color

    Five colors to choose from: Deep space grey. sakura pink, sky blue, grass green, lavender violet

    Optical frequency conversion technology

    Adopts LFC optical frequency digital conversion technology, greatly improves the accuracy of data collection, polishes accuracy under weak perfusion

    Medical standard measurement accuracy

    Compared with professional medical monitors, the numerical error is very small, and it also supports real-time numerical display

    Can set alarm function (SPO2 PR)

    The upper and lower limits of the value can be adjusted. If the set value is exceeded, the product will give an audible alarm and the screen will flash

    High-definition backlight OLED display, multiple health data display

    1) Blood oxygen saturation
    2) Blood oxygen volume waveform
    3) Battery remaining power
    4) Pulse rate
    5) Blood pulse intensity

    Can switch display direction

    In the power-on state, click the power button for more than 2 seconds to enter the menu mode

    Click to select the function option. After selecting the function option you want to set, click 2 seconds to change the on/off state. You can set the alarm sound, prompt sound, and screen brightness according to your needs.

    Universal AAA battery power (not included)

    Easy to buy and replace, please install according to the picture display during installation

    Battery installation instructions

    Please pay attention to the order of battery placement, if it can not be installed correctly, it can not be turned on normally!

    Environmental protection and energy-saving design

    After 10 seconds of no measurement, it will automatically shutdown to save power and extend the use of time

    Product accessories display

    Oximeter, packaging box, manual, storage bag, portable lanyard

    Certification display


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    • Brand Name: yongrow
    • Origin: China
    • Certification: CE
    • Model Number: YK-80C
    • Size: 62*32*33mm
    • Application: Finger
    • Item Type: Oximetry
    • Material: ABS
    • Two parameters: SPo2, Pulse Rate
    • SPo2 measuring range: 70%~99%
    • PR measuring range: 30BPM-240BPM
    • Power consumption: Below 30mA
    • Voltage: DC2.6-3.6V
    • Color: Pink, Bule,Grey,Purple,Green
    • Warranty time: 1 year